Wednesday, July 28, 2010


What a FUN weekend we had! This was our first weekend away from the kids and we had a blast! We've had several "date nights" but this was the first night leaving Max overnight somewhere. Thanks Dad & Laura! We had tickets for HullabaLOU in Louisville at Churchill Downs. We went with Tiffany & John and had so much fun. We headed down to Louisville in the late morning, had lunch with Cam & Morgan (Benji's cousin & his girlfriend), went to their house to be poolside, checked into the hotel, then headed to the concert.
We were so excited to see Kenny Chesney perform since we go to his concert every year. But, last year, he announced that he wasn't touring this year....thank goodness for Benji's job getting us awesome seats (5th row, to be seats we've EVER had!)
What a great way to spend time together with friends!! I seriously recommend every parent to have date nights...even if it's just staying at home spending time together!

The mom's were cuttin' loose!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Bye Bye Diapers....

Hello panties!! :) Only for Laney, of course!

Laney has officially been diaper free for over a week now! A good friend of mine suggested we try doing our potty training like she did and do it in just 3 days. "NO WAY!" is what I thought. So, I decided to do a little research and looked into the book that she went by. We used Potty Training Basics method of training and I can honestly say, the chick knows her stuff!! We started our process last Saturday by having Laney "throw away" all of her diapers. Did we really throw away the diapers?? Heck no, but Laney doesn't know that! Before noon on Day 1, Miss Laney only had 4 accidents, and remained dry for the rest of the day! She did ask for diapers a couple of times (during the day once & at night before bed). Yes, we bit the bullet and took a chance and put panties on her at bedtime. We're hardcore like that!

Day 2 was AWESOME!! She woke up dry, and didn't have a single accident all day long! Amazing!

Day 3 was pretty darn good too! She had 1 accident that day.

Since then (one week later), she is doing really well. Yes, she has accidents, but we just keep an eye on her and keep watching for the signs that she is about ready to go.

We are both so proud of Laney! It felt great to only have to order one box of diapers when I placed my order at!

Take a look at this cute bootie!!


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Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 Month Pics!

A good friend of mine from high school, Toski Covey, has started taking pictures. She did an amazing job with Max. She captured a few of Laney with him, which was not the easiest to get a 2 1/2 year old to sit still and sit close to her 3 month old brother. For those of you who have Facebook, add Toski as a friend to view the rest of the pictures! Thank you Toski for doing such a wonderful job!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

3 Months

WOW....Three months old!

Max had his 3 month appointment with Dr Kleber today and all went well, of course! She was so impressed with how well he is doing and good of a baby he is. She kept referring to him as "The Golden Child"....makes me laugh, but is pretty much true. This little boy is the most content baby I have ever seen. He really reminds Benji and I a lot of Charlie Bruce, Laney's cousin (and best bud!). Maybe Max and Charlie get their laid back personality from the Reinhart family!?!? Here are Max's stats for the month:
Weight: 13 lbs 11 oz (50%-75%)
Height: 25 1/2 inches (90%)-where does he get this?? Seriously??
Head: 15 1/2 inches (10%)
Max is really starting to show his little personality now. He smiles and laughs when we talk to him and is starting to show interest in some of his baby toys. He really likes the toys that are hanging from his swing or carseat handle. He enjoys "tummy time" and we're just waiting for him to roll over for us. At the dr appointment, it sort of happened, but I'm not counting it as his official rolling over, cause I had to stop him from rolling off the table! Maybe this week we'll get him to do it! He's wearing some 0-3 months, but mainly just in shorts. His onesies are all getting too short, so we've moved up to 3-6 months in those.

While at the Dr, we got Laney measured and weighed since we needed updated information to get her passport. Her weight was 23 lbs, 6 oz. Her height was 33 3/4 inches. Our goal is 36 inches next summer so she can ride more water slides at Holiday World!

Time goes so fast...too fast. We just sit back and watch these two miracles that God blessed us with grow and enjoy every single day with them!

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Forth of July Fun!

Happy late 4th of July!! We had such a fun filled weekend spending it at the pool and lake with family and friends. On the evening of the 4th, we went down to the lake to spend time with Mamaw Dee, Papa Joe and the rest of the family. John, Tiffany, Charlo, Betsy, and Dylan came down to have fun with us too! Laney got to stay up to watch the fireworks this year and loved them! She liked telling us what colors the fireworks were when they went off! As far as Max goes, he spent most of the evening of the 4th inside staying cool with Mamaw Dee. Although, during the day, we had him outside at the pool, which he loved!
Grammy & Max

Daddy & Max

Such a HAPPY baby!

Swimming at Grammy & Pappy's house with Lucy, Auntie M, and Pappy!

Playing in the sand at the "beach" at the lake

More fun in the sand

Mommy & Laney on the boat ride

Laney and buds!

Charlo, Dylan, & Laney

First time for sparklers for Laney and Charlo

"WOW, Daddy!"

Dad's of the Year, right here!

Happy 4th of July!

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