Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Fever (and Cleaning!)

Like everyone else, the Reinhart's are ready for Spring to come and stay! We are all enjoying the nice days outside...and the cruddy days inside spring cleaning! Laney really enjoys being outside, going on walks, playing with her golf clubs (but likes using the baseball!), sidewalk chalk, and bubbles. Benji has been working so hard on re-doing our landscaping. Bye bye mulch, hello rock! I'll post pictures of the new and improved landscaping once it's fully finished! We just need it to get warm and stay warm so I can start planting things!
Laney playing "golf/baseball" in the front yard

Benji just loves the fact that she likes playing with baseballs. She has to have a baseball and a golf ball in her wagon or stroller whenever we go on walks.

Having a little snack outside and playing bubbles

Blowing bubbles (or trying to at least!)

Helping Mommy and Daddy clean

More cleaning

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dr Update

I am now 36 (1/2) weeks and had another Dr appointment. You women out there that have been pregnant know how many appointments you have to go to when you're expecting. They are all pretty repetitive...weight check, urine sample, blood pressure, heartbeat check, measure belly, any questions? At this appointment, the Dr checked to see if I've started the labor process. After having a day of contractions earlier this week, I thought there might be a chance that something is going on! Come to find out, I am dialated a good 2, not quiet a 3 yet and 50% effaced. This is when the appointments start getting a little exciting!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Welcome Betsy Laura-Marie Bruce!

Congratulations Bruce Family!! John, Tiffany, and Charlie Bruce just welcomed their newest member of the family into the World on Monday, March 22! Miss Betsy Laura-Marie Bruce was 6 lbs, 15 oz and was 19 inches long! She is absolutely adorable and Charlie is being a great big brother to Betsy! We can't wait for Laney to be able to meet Betsy this weekend!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Max's Room

I have FINALLY posted pictures of Max's room! It's still pretty bare (notice the shelves), but I figured once he got here, I will accumulate several things!! Overall, we were thrilled with how his room turned out. We didn't want to do your typical baby themed nursery, but still wanted to it to be "boyish" Obviously, Benji has lived with a lot of pink for two years, I went with a blue theme. Three of the walls are the same color of blue and the wall with the crib on it is a darker shade of blue. Perfect for our little boy!
Max's room is pretty tiny, so we kept all of the furniture where it was when it was Laney's room. We figured it worked well for us while she was in there, i
t'll be perfect for when he's there!

Max's dresser and changing table. I went with putting his name on the wall with black letters. This is the first time I've done this, but figured it couldn't be too hard. It was a breeze! I'm thinking about adding something fun to Laney's walls sometime. We'll see!!

Max's crib and the bedding. I got the bedding from Land of Nod, one of my favorite websites! (Same place Laney's new bedding came from and her pink chair she got for her birthday)

His bed! I just love the quote that I chose for his bed...for several reasons. It says, "The nearest thing to Heaven is a child" which is TOTALLY true. For those of you who have children, I'm sure you would agree with me on this one. The other reason I love it is because it's a quote from a Kenny Chesney song. I love Kenny's music and figured what better quote to put on my son's wall! No, I'm not obsessed with Kenny anymore, but I will admit at one time there was an obsession! I just like the quote!

Now all we need is Mr Max to come and sleep in his new room!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Laney's New Room!

So I am finally taking pictures of Laney's new room. I was about to take some pictures and post pictures of Max's room, then realized that I hadn't even done Laney's room yet.

This is entering Laney's room. We decided to get her a new bed instead of using the one we had, which was a full size bed. Her bedroom is fairly small, so we figured it would only be fair to her to have more room to play than a big bed. Let's face it, her twin bed is HUGE to her compared to a crib!

I've been very fortunate to have a daughter with TONS of hair...thick hair, too! I mean, what Mom doesn't love having a girl with lots of hair, but being a hairstylist AND having a daughter with great hair is definitely a bonus! Here are just a few of her many hair bows! The bottom collection came from Gymboree (love their korker bows!) and the top section came from a friend that is starting her own business of making baby/kid items! She's super talented!!

When I decided on the bedding and colors I was using, I found this wall art and just had to have it for Miss Laney's room. It not only matches perfect, but it is what every parent hopes their child's days are like!

Here is her toy area....her new kitchen that Santa got her for Christmas is a favorite!

Her new dresser with, imagine this, lots of clothes in it! The closet is full and the dresser is full! The child has more clothes than she needs, but I keep on buying them, so I can't say much about that! The ladybug on her dresser is a nightlight/constellation light. At night, she likes to have her "stars" on.

These are her "musts" for bedtime. I seriously think if we did not have either of these things, it would be a loooonnnngggg night. "Teddy" has been with her since she was 2 weeks old and she got "Bernal" for her first trip to the Indianapolis Zoo. She picked out the elephant and we named him Bernie because the company that makes him came from Burnie, MD. Of course, she put her own little spin on his name, so it stuck! And, the "fishies" is her aquarium that she's had since she was born. We're wondering if she'll ever grow out of liking the music on it...who knows, maybe she'll have it in her dorm room in college!
Stay tuned this week for Max's room!!

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Half Way Done with Lent!!!

As most of you know, I am not Catholic, but Benji is. Ever since Benji and I started dating...oh 13 years ago....I became more aware about what lent was about. This year, several friends have asked me, "What are you giving up for lent?" My first response...."Um, I am giving up alcohol for NINE LONG MONTHS....isnt' that enough?!" The more I thought about it, the more I felt like I really should give up something good. In the past, it's been candy, sweets, or pizza. BUT, this year, I have decided to give up eating after dinner. Let me tell you, it has been a struggle. I hate blaming things on pregnancy, but for those women who have been pregnant, sometimes there are times where you just can't get enough to eat. There have been several times where I look at Benji and say, "I wanna eat, I'm cheating!" Of course, he says to go ahead and cheat cause that was stupid to give up anyways being pregnant and all. But, I'm proud to say, I have not cheated...YET! I am just happy to say that lent is half way over and pretty soon I can start having my popcorn or apples or animal crackers (that's what I usually want!) after dinner!

What did Benji give up, you might ask??? Hard alcohol! HA...I told him to suck it up and give up all alcohol (like me!). His response, "Can't, it's NCAA tournament during lent." Give me a break.....

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Laney's 2 year pictures and Pregnancy Pictures

Last week, we had Jamie Marshall take Laney's 2 year pictures. We were so happy with what she did with her one year pictures, we went back for year number two. Not only did we do that, we went ahead and did a double session and did maternity pictures also. We were very pleased with how all of the pictures turned out. Here is just a few of our faves!

I just love this one....just seeing it, I can hear that little laugh she gives. And, I love the fact that "Teddy" is in there with her. He's her buddy!
Adorable, is all I can say!

Then we have me with Max!

I just love this one. It shows how much Laney already loves her little brother! Honestly, I don't think she really understands, but we can act like she does!

The Reinharts!

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