Saturday, June 8, 2013

Disney World 2013

We did it!  We finally made the trip to Disney World!!  Grammy and Pappy joined us on our summer vacation this year.  I think I can speak for everyone by saying it was one of the BEST vacations ever!  

We stayed at the All Star Movies Resort on Disney property!  The room we were assigned to was in the 101 Dalmatians wing!  We were close to both pools and also to the hotel lobby where we could get food and drinks (and the gift shop!) ;) 

Our first night there (Wednesday), we had our first character meal at Chef Mickey's.  The food was delicious and the characters did a great job entertaining the kids!  Laney absolutely was in Heaven seeing Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Pluto.  It took Max a few minutes to get warmed up to them!

Seeing the excitement on both of the kids' faces was worth the trip in itself!

I really think they thought it was the Mickey from TV!

Time with family is what our vacation was all about!  Spending a nice relaxing trip with the ones we love!  It doesn't get much better than that!

Our second character meal was Donald's Safari at Animal Kingdom.  We did breakfast there on Thursday morning.  I must say, I enjoyed breakfast more than dinner.  For those of you who know me well know that I am somewhat picky when it comes to food! ;)

At Donald's Safari, we saw Mickey, Goofy, and Donald (of course)!

Again, Max took a few minutes to warm up to the characters.  It seems once Mickey appears, he's fine!

Animal Kingdom was a favorite with our crew.  We did the safari ride and saw some amazing animals!  The zoo is great, but this was awesome seeing them close up and also seeing unique animals that aren't at the local zoos.

Magic Kingdom....AHHHH!  It was amazing there!  I loved the castle!  It was beautiful at night AND during the day!  Loved loved loved it!

Aunt Diane, Ashe, and Max (aka "Big Max"-Ashe's Daddy) came to visit us while we were at Disney World.  Aunt Diane lives in Ft Myers, so she drove up Wednesday night and stayed until we left.  Ashe and Big Max live in Orlando and met up with us each day.  We loved spending the time with Ashe and getting to know Max better.  We are so thankful we got to spend time with all 3 of them!

Of course we did the traditional tea cup ride.  I think the other adults knew not to volunteer for this one.  I didn't mind!  It gave me a chance to spend some fun time with the kiddos!  

Our last character meal (yes, we did 3) was the Play 'n Dine at Hollywood Studios.  I knew the kids would both enjoy this one.  Handy Manny, Jake, Oso, and June (Little Einsteins) came to visit while we had our breakfast.  

The highlight of Laney's trip was seeing Doc McStuffins Live!  This is a MUST to anyone that has small children!  Laney and Max both enjoy Disney Jr shows, so this is a "puppet" show on stage.  There are some fun activities they got to participate in, which made it even better!

The adults (and kids!) needed a little time away from the park to play and swim.  The kids absolutely LOVED spending an afternoon hanging out and swimming!  The pools at our resort were so nice.  We swam in the Fantasia pool, which was right next to our room. 

There was one section of our hotel that was "Toy Story" themed.  My kids and Ashe love Toy Story, so it was a must before we left the hotel to snap a few pics of them in front of the characters.  I couldn't believe how BIG the statues were!

Bye Bye Disney World!!  See you next time! (notice I DIDN'T say next year!)

Disney World definitely wore these two kiddos out!


Laney's favorite part of Disney:  Seeing Doc McStuffins and riding the roller coaster
Max's favorite part of Disney:  Seeing Mickey, riding the roller coaster, and driving the cars

Also, I MUST share this:  Laney asked to ride something FAST and SCARY.  She wasn't tall enough to ride a lot of the fast roller coasters, but she was tall enough for the Tower of Terror.....obviously Mommy didn't do her homework to look into this ride.  Yeah, she rode it.  She wasn't happy about it afterwards, but there weren't tears and she didn't throw up.  That stands for something there!!  
My little daredevil!
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