Wednesday, May 30, 2012


School is officially out for Miss Laney!  Her last day was a few weeks ago, but things have been pretty busy in the Reinhart household that I'm just getting to posting the pictures.  We were lucky enough to attend Laney's school picnic on the last day.  Daddy and Max got to join us, which was fun for everyone!  

 We had a beautiful day with hot dogs, chips, fruit, cupcakes, and juice....
 What more could you ask for?
 Daddy even got to meet some of Laney's friends and see her classroom
 That evening, we had Laney's end of the year program.  It was such a nice program that Mrs. Joray and Mrs. Mead worked hard on.  Of course, we were not surprised of Miss Laney's shyness during the program.  She did not want to participate and get up on stage to sing the songs.  When asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, she wouldn't talk in the microphone.  Her paper said she wanted to be a scuba diver.  Where that came from, I have no clue!
 Even though she was glued to the teachers lap/hip during the program, we were still extremely proud of our little girl.  Although she is shy, she's starting to come out of her shell.  In situations that she would normally not speak, she is now.  And after talking to the person who asked her questions or whatever she was being shy about, she looks at me and smiles and says, "Mommy, I talked to them!"  
 Madison was one of the girls that Laney talks about nonstop.  They were in 2 year old class together, soccer together and now 3 year old class together.  They will always be buddies!

And lastly, a BIG THANK YOU to Mrs. Joray and Mrs. Mead!  They are 2 of the most patient ladies I know and excellent role models and teachers.  I am so excited that Laney will have them again next year (and Max the next 2 years!)...oh boy!
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Monday, May 21, 2012


I am asking anyone who reads my blog to please say a special prayer for my cousin, Lauren and her family.  Lauren delivered her first child, Emma Jane, on Friday morning.  Lauren was only 26 weeks pregnant.  Emma needs as many prayers as she can get right now.  So, I'm asking you, when you finish reading this, say a quick prayer for this special family.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

What a wonderful Mother's Day!  
I'm so thankful for the two people who made me a Mommy!  I'm also thankful for my mom and my mother in law.  Our family is lucky to have both of them!  

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Our family is expanding!!!!

I know, it's hard to believe!  We have added a new member to the family!

Boston Terrier, Sadie; 10 months old

After losing Brewski, we couldn't decide if we wanted another Boston or not.  We knew eventually we would get a second dog.  Cassius was starting to act like he was down in the dumps, especially when we were gone all day.  The poor guy was lonely!  After some searching and discussing if we wanted a puppy or another rescue dog, we chose the rescue dog.  Brewski was a rescue and was a great dog.  Rescue animals are special.  Typically, they are given better homes after being rescued.  The previous owners were moving from their tiny apartment to a house.  At the house they were renting, they could only take one animal (they had 3 Boston Terriers).  Sadie came from Terre Haute to Seymour! 

The kids love her

Cassius loves her

And Sadie is lovin' life with The Reinhart Family!

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Time, Slow Down...PLEASE

It was time.  Time to pack up the crib.  Time to pack away the changing table.  Time to take the glider out of the nursery.  It's not a nursery anymore.  It's a big boy room with a big boy bed and a big boy dresser!!
We were so excited for Max to get to sleep in his "big boy bed" for the first time!  He did great!  He loved it, as you can tell!!  All sprawled out and snoozin' away!  That's how it's supposed to be!  Yes, Momma got a little teary-eyed taking the crib down.  I will say it makes me feel better that our cousin, Lauren and Luke will be putting their new bundle of joy in the same bed our kiddos used.  Makes it special, I think.  

Like I said, he's doing great going to sleep.  Much better than Miss Laney.  We would find her playing with her kitchen toys during naptime and after she was supposed to be asleep!  The only thing Mr Max has done is lock himself in the room!  Ooops!

Let's just keep our fingers crossed that he continues to like his new bed!

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