Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Christmas Events

Christmas will officially be over for the Reinhart Family tonight! We have had so much fun celebrating with family and friends, and tonight is the last of the celebrations! I would LOVE to post all of the pictures that have been taken within the past week, but with over 400 pictures to post, I decided on posting one or two from each Christmas!
Santa brought Laney and Max a double seater sled! Laney was so excited and couldn't wait to use it, but unfortunately, the sled was delivered with a small crack in it from Santa's sleigh! :(
Max LOVED tearing the tissue paper and playing with the boxes and bows! He didn't even need gifts this year, but of course, he got plenty!

Santa also brought Laney and Max a 2010 yellow Camaro! :) They'll be driving around our neighborhood in style! We're hoping this weekend it warms up so they can drive it outside and not just in the kitchen!

So excited!!

The stockings were filled for the entire family

Our Christmas Tree 2010 (the gifts wrapped in red are from Santa. He wraps all of the gifts from him in red and puts an "L" or "M" on the package)

We left cookies out for Santa to eat, and this is what I found as I was cooking breakfast! Laney didn't want to waste any of the yummy cookies that Santa left behind.

Sprinkling "Reindeer food" outside for Rudolph and his friends!

Quinten, Olivia, Laney, & Max at the Reinhart Christmas

Charlo, Laney, Betsy, & Max at our christmas gathering at our house!
We had such a fun time and are looking forward to 2011! We have so many fun things in 2011 planned. Miss Laney will be turning 3, Max will be turning 1, we will be going on a family vacation, & we have 2 cousins getting married! That's just a few of the exciting things that will be going on!
Happy New Year's to all of our Family and Friends!

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! More pictures will be posted, but until now.....MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Polar Express 2010

This year, we ventured down to French Lick, IN to ride on the Polar Express! We had read Laney the book once we bought the tickets, just to get her familiar with the storyline. She and Charlo were SO excited to see and ride the train! We bundled the kids up in their jammies and slippers, coats, & hats! It was a perfect day to ride the Polar Express...a little snow and freezing cold!

Getting ready to board the train!

They're so stinkin' cute!

Mommy & Laney


Best Buds!

Tiffany & Charlo, Mommy & Laney (the Daddy's stayed home with the Bets & Max)

The Conductor punching Laney's ticket

Enjoying some Hot Chocolate

She loved her cookie, if you can't tell!

Tiff with the kiddos

Laney's new thing...she claps when she gets excited! Wonder where she gets that!?!?

Getting her bell from Santa

Checkin' out their bells
We had a wonderful trip. It's something we will definitely want to do again! We'll be sure to include the younger kids and the Daddy's next time!

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Max 8 Months!

Mr. Max is now 8 months old!
So, at 8 months, what is Max up to?? Well, he REALLY wants to crawl, but just can't get the courage to actually do it. He'll lay on his tummy and just scoot along the floor. He has learned to clap and wave, which is super cute watching him do it. His little laugh is so contagious, I seriously couldn't get tired of hearing it! He's talking up a storm, too! "Da-da" was his first word! (Of course it was!) :) Max is sleeping awesome for us. He sleeps about 11-12 hours at night, takes a 1 1/2 hr nap in the morning, and then a 2-2 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon. Luckily, Mommy got Laney and Max on the same nap schedule in the afternoon. I'm sure both Nana and Grammy (since they watch the kiddos) are thrilled about that, also! It just makes the afternoon peaceful for everyone!
Miss Laney is enjoying being a big sister. She loves that Max can sit up and play with her. Sometimes she isn't so sure she likes that he can play with her toys, but she's learning the importance of sharing!
We are all so excited to celebrate Christmas this year! We just sit back and this how much our lives have changed since last year at Christmas. We all have so much to be thankful for!
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday Shopping....

OK, I'm not one that likes to fight the crowd on "Black Friday" but we needed a new washer and dryer. mom and I decided to go along with the other crazies out there at 5:00 am and see what we could find! Two hours later, we both purchased this.... (dryer also, but this is just the washer!)

We are hoping to have it in our house tomorrow. I can't wait to do my first load of laundry in our new mashines! Honestly, the crowd was not bad at all and it was totally worth it. Benji and I had been talking about getting one for awhile now, so this just got our butts in gear to do it! I have heard nothing but great things about LG washers/dryers! Oh the little things in life that excite doing laundry! :)
Now, today is more my type of shopping day....CYBER Monday! I've already been online seeing what I could buy! Good thing I'm off today!

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for......
our family!
(and many, many other things!)
We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Los Cabos, Mexico....Matt & Malinda's Wedding

OK, so I finally have the pictures posted from Mexico. These aren't even close to the amount that I took. I just picked out a few of our favorites to post. Overall, the trip was wonderful. We had a few bumps here and there, but what vacation doesn't! First of all, a big thank you to Lauren, my cousin, for going with us and being our "little nanny" for the trip! Lauren, you don't realize how much you helped us! With your help, we got all of our luggage and both kids to the resort! We were able to relax with friends and family when it was naptime, and could enjoy the wedding reception after the kiddos crashed! Thank you so much, you are awesome!

A few funny and memorable things that happened on the trip:

-Max's first airplane ride (he and Laney both did so well with everything!)
-Looking off of our balcony and seeing the beautiful beach with the white sands, blue ocean, and big mountains (sigh!)
-Laney noticing Max's "private" is different than hers (OK, seriously Laney, you're JUST now realizing this??) Gotta tell the story on this one....As I'm changing Max's water-logged diaper:
Laney: Mommy, what IS that?
Mommy: Laney, Max has a dirty diaper. It's poopy, we need to change it.
Laney: No, not that Mommy! What is that RIGHT THERE?
Mommy: Well, that's Max's "pee pee"
Laney: Hmmm....I have a triangle, Max has a circle
Mommy: smiles and nods (what can I say to that?)
-Laney falling asleep on the menu at the rehearsal dinner
-Me (the Matron of Honor), forgetting the ring! (yep, that's me!)
-Spending time with my awesome family and wonderful friends
-Max getting frisked at the airport (haha! Yep, his name was randomly selected to be searched when leaving Mexico and they said, "We need to check Max. Get him out of the stroller." I said, "MY BABY?" That was that...needless to say, I didn't have anything dangerous hiding in my son!
-The BEAUTIFUL Bride & HANDSOME Groom!!!!!!

Enjoy all of the beautiful pictures of the trip....including the see the stunning, new Mrs. Malinda Plumer and handsome Mr Matt Plumer! We love you guys!!

Laney riding on the airplace

Max & Daddy on the plane

Sitting poolside

Max just chillin' in the stroller

Laney loved the waterslide!

So tired at the rehearsal dinner

Laney making a sandcastle

Lauren & Max

Daddy & Max

The Best Man, Flower Girl, & Matron of Honor

Laney and Mommy

Such a pretty girl

Lookin' good guys!

Our family!

Let's get the wedding started!

She loved the flowers

Is she not gorgeous or what?

The ceremony

So pretty

So happy!

So in love!

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