Thursday, March 31, 2011

Madagascar LIVE

Laney finally got her last present for her birthday! Mommy & Daddy took her to see Madagascar LIVE in Indianapolis! Madagascar is one of her favorite movies. She really likes the Merry Madagascar! Her silly glasses
Playing with Melman....funny thing is she chose to have "Melman" for her and "Alex" for Max. She pulled the ol' switcheroo on Max and she now has "Alex"

Max doesn't care!

What a GREAT show

After the switch of her friends, she was in awe! I really think she thought they were the true characters in the movie! She can't stop talking about it today. We are so glad she enjoyed the show. Mommy & Daddy even found it entertaining!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

First Bike Ride of the Year!

Spring is finally here! Let's just hope it's here to stay! The weather forcast for the end of the week isn't looking too promising, but we're enjoying what we have right now! Laney and Max went on their first bike ride of the year! This was also Max's first ride ever! He LOVED it! I'm not so sure what he liked more, the bike ride or the goldfish snacks! Either way, Momma got a good hour long ride in without any crying!

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pictures by Jamie (Max 1 year, Laney 3 year)

We had Max's 1 year pictures taken last week and did Laney's 3 year pictures in the same photo shoot. We had Jamie Marshall do them again, and as usual, she did a fantastic job! She is SUPER talented and awesome with children. I guess that is why she is a children's photographer! Here are a few of our favorites!
Our family of 4!

Pretty BLUE eyes!

So handsome!

Just beautiful.....

Cheesy grin!

Oh yeah....he's a REINHART and PROUD OF IT!!

Our Little All Star! :)

Messy Face

Too precious....

Jamie recommends parents to have the 1 year pictures taken at 11 months. That way, the child is more likely to NOT be walking, which makes it easier for her to take pictures, which results in better photos for the parents! Now, the fun starts in trying to decide which pictures we want to order! It's so hard to believe that we will be having his birthday party in 4 short weeks! These pictures were a little hint as to what the theme for Max's first birthday is going to be. Let's just say, Dad wanted to pick the theme! :)

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Max 11 Months

11 Months, 335 days, or 8040 hours....however you want to say it, that's how long this handsome guy has been in our life. We just love him to pieces.

At 11 months, Max is:

  • Does so well with his sippy cup, although he still prefers his bottle

  • Is eating mostly the food we eat for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. His favorites are: chicken, pears, bananas, waffles, & french toast sticks

  • Loves playing with Laney and has stared showing interest in Cassius (playing with his paw & trying to eat his paws!)

  • Pulling up on everything, but not standing by himself

  • Can show you where your nose is :)

We can't believe that in 1 short month, we will be celebrating Max's first birthday! He got a little taste of birthday cake when we did his first birthday pictures....he LOVED it and can't wait for his next smash cake!!

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