Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our New House!

Yes!  That's right!  We sold our house and have moved!!  I will be posting pictures soon.  We are doing a lot of remodeling to our house, so things are still a little crazy here with the Reinhart's!  We moved about a quarter of a mile away from our old house!  Our new address is 1134 Bristol Ct, Seymour IN 

Pictures coming soon!
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Happy Birthday Laney!

Laney is SIX years old!  It is so hard to believe another year with our Laney Bug has come and gone.  This year, she had a "Monster University" birthday party.  Her party was at the Hampton Inn in Seymour so the kids could all enjoy the indoor pool.  

With the winter we've had, the kids all enjoyed swimming and burning off some energy!  I don't know about the other kids, but mine sure had a great time!

Laney invited a few of her friends from school.  We had to put a limit on how many she could invite due to the rules of the pool.  I love that the first few on her guest list are ones that we obviously would've invited (family).  It just proved to us that she understands the value and importance of family!  

Of course, after the birthday party we headed to El Nopal (our tradition!).  Laney was a little bummed because she didn't get whipped cream smashed in her face like normal.  We had to ask our server to do it to her.  There's another thing I love about that little girl!!

She woke up as a six year old with streamers and balloons hanging from her doorway.  I think I might have started something by doing that!  Thanks Pinterest!

Lastly, our tradition of pancakes in the morning for the birthday girl.  She's six years old and she LOVES telling everyone she's six now!!  

I just realized when looking back for this, I forgot to ask Laney these questions when she turned 5.  Oops!!  So, the questions in () are from when she turned 4.  The answers afterwards are from when she turned 6.  Here we's interview time!!

1. What is your favorite phrase: (Thank you) I love Teddy 
2. What is your favorite food: (Ice cream and fish sticks)  Chicken Nuggets
3. Who is the coolest person on Earth: ("You (Mommy) :)....oh, no no no, I mean Max") Charlo
4. When you grow up, what do you want to do: (A teacher)  Police Officer
5: What is your favorite color: (Orange)  Orange and Blue
6. What is your favorite song: (Smurf song)  Let it Go and Ninja Turtle song
7. When you're outside, what is your favorite thing to do: (Swing)  swim in the pool
8. If you could go anywhere in the World, where would you go: (Disney)  See Elsa at Disney World
9. What did you like to play with when you were little: (My toys)  with my little red phone
10. Who is your best friend: (Mommy and Madison....little Madison, not big Madison)  Mommy and Charlo
11. What is your favorite snack: (Starburst)  ice cream
12. What's your favorite movie: (Smurfs)  Frozen
13. What is your favorite thing to do with Max: (Play with Cassius)  Go outside and swim with him
14. What is your favorite book: (Toy Story book)  my Frozen book on the iPad
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Busy Reinhart's

I need to apologize for not updating the blog like I used to.  For some reason, we were having technical difficulties with the site.  Hopefully this will work!!  There has been A LOT going on since my last post (JANUARY!)....stay tuned for some exciting news!! 
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