Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pure Talent

Laney enjoys playing with Benji's iPhone and iPod and watching YouTube videos. While playing around, she found a video that has gummy bears dancing to different songs. This song was one of them, so she made up her own dance moves. It was too cute (and funny!) NOT to share it!!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Laney's First Movie-SMURFS

Laney had her first experience at the movie theater yesterday. Mommy & Daddy took her to see Smurfs. She really wasn't sure what to even expect from the movie, let alone the theater. We loaded the purse full of candy (who wants to pay $3 a box for candy?), fruit snacks, & a juice box, bought popcorn and a drink at the theater, and headed in. Laney really didn't care about seeing the movie once she saw the games in the theater lobby. We eventually pulled her off of them and found our seats.
She did so good sitting through the movie. At the beginning, she couldn't even take her eyes off of the screen. She lasted a little over an hour before she started getting antsy and wanting to walk around the theater. Nothing another piece of candy can't handle, though!

I would recommend anyone to go see the movie. It's really cute for kids and it brought childhood memories back for Mommy & Daddy! It'll definitely be one that we will purchase on DVD!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fun with Friends

This past weekend, we had a few college friends and their kiddos over to swim. Laney and Max loved playing with other kids their age. They get to see these other families, but not nearly enough. The Gross family (Travis, Sarah, Tyler (4 yrs old), & Logan (18 months) live in Sellersburg. There really is NO REASON we can't get together more than we do, which is once a year. The Calhoun family (Chuck, Megan, Morgan (almost 4), & Charlie (14 months) live in Chicago, so it is harder to find time to visit with them. Luckily, they have family that live in town, so we always make time to see them when they are down for a visit. The kids had so much fun!
There was lots of swimming

Eating popsicles on a hot day with new friends is always fun

and just goofin' off

Nothing beats spending time with good friends, new friends, and old friends.

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