Monday, February 28, 2011

Sesame Street LIVE

Laney and Charlo went to see Sesame Street LIVE yesterday at the Murat Theater in Indianapolis. They really liked seeing all of the characters, especially "Elmo" and "Cookie". Actually, Laney was getting mad during the scenes when Elmo and Cookie weren't on stage. She kept looking at me, pointing to the stage, and saying, "Mommy, get them off there and get Cookie and Elmo back!" We did end up leaving a few minutes early. Tiffany and I think that the intermission totally got our kids off track. It probably would have been better for them if the show wouldn't have had a little break. Oh well, they still enjoyed themselves!!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Laney's 3 Year Well Check

Laney had her appointment today with Dr. Kleber (or as Laney calls her, Dr Courtney). Laney did very well at her appointment answering most of the questions she was asked. Dr Kleber wanted to see how she was developing, and was very impressed.
Here are Laney's 3 Year Stats:
Weight: 26 lbs (between the 3-10%...not on the chart)
Height: 34 3/4 inches (a little under 10%)
Of course, I wanted to check to see how much our little squirt grew in a year....and found that last year, she was 22.6 lbs and 32 7/8 inches. Unfortunately, she might not get to ride all of the waterslides when we go to Holiday World this summer. If I remember correctly, you had to be 36 inches. Who knows, maybe she'll hit a growth spurt!
As far as what Laney's accomplished this year, here we go:
  • Completely, 100% potty trained. No diapers, pull ups or anything. Miss Laney went from diapers at 27 months to panties. No pull ups were ever used on her. What a BIG girl!
  • Knows her ABC's and can recognize all letters. We're working on lower case and she is picking up on it really well!
  • Can count to 20, sometimes higher....but she gets bored doing it so stops
  • Knows her rights & lefts
  • Is doing very well at gymnastics. Her favorite seems to be beam and vault. Her least favorite is probably floor. She hates doing the stretches at the beginning of class. Too slow paced for her, I guess!
  • LOVES LOVES LOVES her brother Max. She likes when he comes into her room to play with her. We have to constantly remind her that he is a lot smaller than her (not by much though!)
  • Doing very well at school and children's church on Sunday. It took awhile for her to trust the people in there (and that Mommy was coming back for her!). She now looks forward to going to school and loves when a neighbor boy is at church (he's 13, I think she has a little crush!).
  • Her favorite toys seem to be puzzles. She's moved up to doing jigsaw puzzles now and loves them.
  • Favorite cartoons are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Little Einsteins
  • Favorite movies are Alvin & the Chipmunks, Madagascar, & Lion King

Miss Laney is very independent. Everything needs to be done "BY. MY. SELF" And if you tell her something, you have to prove to her that you're telling her the truth. For example, "Laney, we are out of those chips" "Show me, Mommy. Let me see!" Oh, the fun times ahead!

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Monday, February 21, 2011


The partying is officially over for Miss Laney! Another 363 days, she will get to party again. She had so much fun this year at her "Little Einstein" themed gymnastics party. We had the party this year at Gymnastics Lane, which is where she's been taking her classes once a week. All of the kids had a great time running around, jumping, swinging, and flipping. I think the parents were happy to see that the kids were worn out and might have good night sleeps!

The awesome cake from "Take the Cake" in Seymour...they did a great job! AND it tasted just as good as it looked!

Very creative cookies!! These cookies were made with a handmade cookie cutter to create the characters. Laney LOVED seeing all of the characters, especially "June" her favorite!

Laney and Taylor, buddies!!

Jumping with Daddy!

Swinging like a monkey!

Nice balancing, Laney Bug!

She's so excited to be THREE!

It's cake time!

Who wants a kiss from the Birthday Girl??

Our group of kiddos
Thank you everyone for coming to Laney's third birthday party and for all of the fun gifts. She had a great time and is still talking about it!

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Laney's Birthday Video

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Happy 3rd Birthday Laney!

Happy Birthday, Laney DeeAnn! Three years ago, we our lives completely changed! We were blessed with a beautiful little girl! February 19, 2008 at 6:56 am!

Only a few hours old

Our BIG 3 year old!!

Stay tuned for party pictures tomorrow!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Max-10 months!

Mr Max is 10 months old now! Growing like a weed, our "little man" is now 20 lbs, 2 oz! I've starting having problems with some of his winter clothes getting a little snug. We might just have to go on a mini shopping spree to get a few things to last us the rest of the winter! (oh darn...we all know how I HATE shopping!)
New things this month
-He now gives fives and kisses!
-We now have teeth! Finally!! One popped up at the beginning of the week and three days later, a second one popped up! We now will soon be saying "bye-bye" to the gummy grin (sigh...sad, I know!). I've gotta capture a few more photos of him this week before they are showing in pictures!
-Eating more finger foods (puffs, goldfish, cheerios, crackers)
-Enjoys playing "peek-a-boo" after his bath. He'll take his towel and put it over his eyes until we say, "Where's Max!?!?"
Our household has been a little under the weather within the past 2 weeks. Daddy got a quick flu bug (only a 24 hr one!), then Mommy got a bad cold. Max is now recovering from a cold. We are just thankful that we're only getting colds and nothing too major (knock on wood!).

Here's the the weather staying nice this week and us all staying healthy!!

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