Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun in Goshen

We made a roadtrip this past weekend to visit some friends up in Goshen, IN. Sarah, my best friend from ISU, and her family live up there and we try to get together several times a year. She has a little boy, Jake, who is a few weeks older than Laney, and is expecting baby #2 in November! We had so much fun hanging out while the kiddos played and visiting Shipshewana, and Amish village. It was interesting seeing all of the Amish and their lifestyle. We even got to ride in a buggy! Laney enjoyed that!
Laney and Jake playing with the trains. The blonde girl is their neighbor, and her name is Laney too! We called her "Big Laney" and our Laney was "Little Laney"!
Drivin' the Escalade

They were dancing and singing to the radio

On our buggy ride!

Sarah snuggling with Max

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Friday, September 10, 2010

5 Months

Max is 5 months old today! He is getting to be such a BIG boy! He is, by far, one of the happiest babies ever! It's so easy to get a cute little smile on that face!
He doesn't have a Dr appt this month, but I took him in to get weighed just for his baby book and he was 15 lbs, 4 oz. I don't think that's 100% accurate since he had clothes & his diaper on, and that means he also gained 1 lb, 5 oz in a month. Who knows, though! He's a growin' boy!

We have started him on solids and he LOVES it! We're giving him his cereal in the morning after he eats. We just started giving him baby food in the evening before his last feeding. He hasn't found anything he doesn't like yet. So far, he's had sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, & apples. Sweet potatoes and apples are his favorite, so far! He actually threw a fit tonight when we stopped giving him the apples and I tried nursing him. I think he would have rather had more apples and not Mom! Made me kinda sad! :(
He's getting stronger and stronger every day. He is rolling over, but still doesn't do it a lot. He is now working on sitting up. He loves sitting in his Bumbo seat and laying on his tummy!

Happy 5 months, Max! We love you!

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First Day of School

Laney had her first day of preschool today! She goes to Zion Lutheran School on Friday's from 8:15-11:00. We have all been talking about school these past few weeks with Laney, just to get her used to what might happen there. Earlier this week, I told her she would be playing with London & Anna Fish (London's mom works with me, so they know each other well). Laney didn't know Anna Fish, but I do her mom's hair. When I saw Anna a few weeks ago, we talked about preschool and I told her Laney would be in her class. So, of course, I came home to tell Laney she would be in school with Anna. She looked at me like I was nuts because we have a cousin named Anna (who is much older than Laney!), so I'm sure Laney was thinking, "Why would she be in my class!?!" So then, I proceeded to say, it wasn't our cousin, Ashe's mommy, it was Anna Fish, a different Anna. So now, when you ask Laney who she plays with at school, her reply is, "Anna Fish, London, & Mrs. Sutherland." Laney also got a phone call on her first day of school from Mamaw Dee, who sang her "School Days" to her. Every year, Grandma Dee sang to me on the first day of school. She did this with all 4 of her children, all 7 of her grandchildren, and now she's moving on to her great-grandchildren. It just brought tears to my eyes hearing her sing to special!
The famous first day of school shot that my mom made me do EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.....I had to stand by the front door on the first day of school with my bag. I mean, really....even my senior year in high school!! Makes me laugh that I'm doing it now too!

A little nervous at first...when we first walked in, she looked around and said, "I want Mommy." I said, "Laney, Mommy's right here." Still looking around, she said, "I want Teddy." I gave her Teddy, and off she went.....

Playing with the trains (notice Teddy sitting on the table watching her!) :)

Sitting at her spot at the table doing a puzzle

Overall, Laney did wonderful on her first day of school! Mommy was worried about 2 things...
  1. She would cry and scream when I started leaving. She didn't. Although, I did get a little teary eyed walking to my car! :)
  2. She would have an accident during school because of being so preoccupied playing. She didn't!

Mrs. Southerland said Laney really did a great job. She said that she got sad a couple times and asked for Mommy, but that was it. When we got in the car, she showed me her apple paper and told me that the number was a one on it! Hey, I guess she paid attention in class!

What a great day for Miss Laney. After school, Mommy & Daddy took she and Max to lunch. Laney said she wanted a quesadilla, so El Nopal it was!

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