Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brewski Update

I posted a couple weeks ago that Brewski has not quite been himself lately and that we had taken him to the vet to have a few tests run. The test results showed that his thyroid was low. He was then put on a daily thyroid medication for two weeks to see if he improved. After a week of the medication, we saw little to no improvement, so we called the vet again to see what the next step was. Do we wait until it's been a full 2 weeks? Do we bring him in now? What's next? Dr. Rennekamp then wanted to do xrays on his heart to determine if he had a heart disease or enlarged heart. He also put him on medication for arthritis, in addition to the thyroid medication. The xrays came back normal, but Dr. Rennekamp wanted to send them off to a specialist for a second opinion.

The medication for his thyroid and arthritis were still not helping him. Dr. Rennekamp saw him for one more visit to observe him. Dr. Rennekamp wanted to talk to the experts at Purdue and see what they would recommend. After a phone consultation, the vets felt Brewski needed to be seen by a neurologist for an MRI and a spinal tap. Our appointment for that was scheduled for next week.

While we were at Holiday World for two days, Benji's mom and brother said Brewski didn't eat or drink at all. And the day we got back, he didn't go to the bathroom at all until about 2 or 3 pm. Benji and I both thought he looked like he had lost some weight, so I mentioned taking him in to get a weight check. Brewski had lost 1 1/2 lbs within a week. No, that doesn't sound like a lot to me or you, but to a 22 lb dog, it's equivalent to us losing about 8-9 lbs in a week. YIKES! Dr. Rennekamp called Purdue and got us in on Wednesday to see the neurologist.

Benji took Brewski up there yesterday morning and had to leave him up there for observation, xrays, an MRI, & spinal tap. The results were given to us yesterday and we are devastated. Brewski has a brain tumor (pituitary tumor). The tumor is inoperable, with the only form of treatment being steroids or radiation.

The steroids will give Brewski roughly 2-6 months, but will keep him comfortable. The radiation could possibly give him 1-2 years, more or less. The radiation, most likely, would shrink the tumor, but eventually, it would come back.

We have decided to do the steroid pills, and enjoy every day we have left with him. Yes, it was a very hard decision to make, but we had to think about what the radiation would do to him. He would be up at Purdue for several days at a time, not enjoying time with us, the people that love him. How is that fair? It's not. The cancer isn't fair either, but this is just part of life. It's not fair, plain and simple.

So please keep Brewski (aka Bruce) in your prayers. He is such an awesome dog and we love him so much!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Holiday World & Lake Rudolph-2nd Year

We did our annual Holiday World & RV trip to Santa Claus, Indiana. Like last year, we had a great time! I'm sure Max enjoyed himself a little more this year than last year! We camped "Reinhart Style" in a Super King RV at Lake Rudolph. We had 2 bedrooms (sleeping 8), 2 bathrooms, & a full sized kitchen. It was nice!! The Bruce Family joined us this year, which made our mini vacation even more fun!

After a two hour drive, the kids (and adults!) were ready for some fun, snacks, and drinks! :) We hung out at Blitzen Bay, the campsite's pool. The kids had so much fun splashing, swimming, and running around!

Max was a little hungry at the pool, so he found someone eating some Goldfish and thought he would become pals with them. Poor Max thought Mom & Dad didn't have food for him!

Half of our kid crew ready to go to Holiday World. Betsy wasn't asleep, she was just keeping the sun out of her eyes!
The other half of our precious cargo! Charlo and Laney were busy watching the BIG roller coaster, The Raven! Luckily, the adults got a chance to ride that ride!

First it was to the waterpark, Splashin' Safari. We were so excited to see that Laney and Charlo were tall enough to ride a couple of the big kids slides. Actually, Laney really wasn't, but I think the guy that measured her at the measuring station felt bad and let her slide through. So a BIG "Thank You" to him!

One of the big slides that Laney went down with Mommy & Daddy. Boy, it was fun one! Totally worth the wait!
Then Grammy & Pappy wanted their turn with Laney....another fun slide! This one was in the dark! Of course, that made it even more fun!

The Splash Land was Max's favorite place! This was new this year and was a great addition to the park! There were fountains, slides, and a small wade pool for the little ones. Our big kids even enjoyed it!
Riding slides was one of Laney's favorite things to do on the trip. She started getting confident and wanted to go on her own.

But the rides were also fun. Laney talked all day about riding the airplanes (Comet's Rockets), so, of course, that was the first ride she wanted to go on. All four kids loved it!

Max got to ride on his first Merry Go Round ride, which was a lot of fun for him!
Holiday World 2011

After a full day in the sun, swimming, walking, and riding rides and water slides, it was time to head back to the campground. We were so lucky that the big kids took naps when we got back so they could stay up a little later and make s'mores and see the fire the Dad's & Pappy built!

Max didn't make it, maybe next year!

These chocolate faces had SO much fun but were super tired (and still are!). We're already starting to make notes for next year's trip!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011


This past week, Laney went to Vacation Bible School at our church! The theme this year was Hometown Nazareth Where Jesus was a Kid. Although it was a struggle to make it through the morning without a few tears, Laney said she had fun and wants to go back. The helpers at VBS said she would be having fun with her class, but then, all of a sudden she would tear up and want Mommy. I expected her to be a little shy and nervous because she is not used to being watched by someone other than family or close friends. But, she does know all of the people that were there, so I knew she would enjoy it.

Daddy recorded their singing and dancing, but I won't post it because she just stood there! Haha! She told me what song she was going to be singing, but of course, when it came to showtime....stage fright!

Laney doing her song and dance (or just standing there looking around)

Laney did meet another little girl who just turned 4....Kendall Brooks. We are going to have to get these 2 cuties together sometime soon!

She wants to go back. I told her she can when she's 4. Honestly, I think the only reason she wants to go back is to get a slushie from Sonic (which was her reward for being good this week!) I know, I know....we bribed, but who doesn't!?!?!

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Swim Lessons for Max

Max had his first ever swim lesson last week. He really does enjoy the water, but on his terms! The pool temp was 90 degrees, so we can't blame it being too cold. I mean, don't get me wrong, it wasn't a horrible lesson! Buuuuut.........
It could have been better! No, he's not laughing in this picture. He's fake crying. But we kept doing the lesson. Miss Tara and Mommy weren't going to let a few fake tears stop the lesson. We were not going to let him win!
I will say he did kick and use his arms on his own. But I think it was to try to reach Mommy!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One of our "other" children

Most of my blogs are about our "human" children, but I wanted to write about another one of our kids! Brewski (almost 6 yrs old) hasn't been feeling very well for a few months. He just hasn't been himself. Having accidents in the house, throwing up everyday, hiding under the bed all day long, not wanting to go on walks, and most importantly, not getting excited when we come home. We just had a feeling something was up with him. I am not the medical worrier in the family (that would be Benji!), but when I suggested he go to see the vet, I knew I was concerned.

Benji took him to the vet Monday, and Dr. Rennekamp did some blood work to test his white and red blood counts and a urinalysis. The results came back yesterday that Brewski has low thyroid levels. He is on medication for 2 weeks as a trial to see if he starts feeling better. After the 2 weeks, he will be tested again. If the medication is working, he will be on it for the rest of his life (2 pills a day). If it's not improving, more tests will be done on him. Luckily, his blood levels came back good, which was a plus.

Even if you aren't dog lovers out there, we are and our kiddos love this little guy. Please pray that this medication will help him get back to his old self. We miss our normal Brewski!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Max 15 months

Max had his 15 month check up with Dr. Kleber. He is such a happy and healthy little boy!
Weight: 22lbs, 7oz (40%)
Height: 31 inches (25%)
Head: 18inches (10%)

Not to mention adorable!

He's walking everywhere and loving it!

We really couldn't be any luckier having a little guy like Max. We feel so blessed! Mr Max enjoys playing with cars and tractors. He loves playing with legos and blocks. Pretty much, he's ALL boy! He is saying the basic words, "MaMa, Mom, Dada, & Hi (sounding more like Hiiiiiiii). He says other words such as, ball, dog, thank you, & chip(yep, he likes his chips!)....but he's not 100% clear on them! He is sleeping 12 hours at night (7:30pm-7:30 am), taking at least 1 nap a day, but sometimes two. His favorite foods are yogurt, applesauce, pizza, & pasta. He loves drinking milk and juice, but juice is his favorite!!

Happy 15 months Max! We love you!!

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Swimming, swimming, and more swimming

This weekend was full of fun, water (pool & lake!), and most of all friends and family!

This little girl can't get enough of the water. She loves jumping in!

Loves playing in the sand

And this little guy is lovin' his shades!

One of the sweetest things is seeing these two kiddos play together. Love it!

Grammy bought some crazy glow in the dark glasses! They were a big hit one night!

We had some friends over to swim, including Charlo & Betsy!
These two are like "Ike & Mike" you can always find them together having fun!
Hangin' out at Grammy & Pappy's was the thing to do this weekend!
Jumpin' in the pool was too!
Enjoying some juice is always fun for Mr Max! His new nickname has become "Juice Hog"

Thank goodness for a fun and sunny weekend!

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Indianapolis Zoo

Mamaw Dee & Papa Joe got Laney and Max a year pass to the zoo for Christmas, which was a great gift that I know we will use a lot! We decided to upgrade the season pass to the Family Plus package, which includes our family of 4, plus 2 guests! For those of you in the Indianapolis area, it's definitely worth it! We had Aunt Malinda, Grammy, & Pappy join us while Uncle Matt was playing golf. The kids (and adults!) loved it!

We walked around to see the animals

But also hung out in the stroller
We were picked up to see the animals

Or walked around to try to get closer

We looked through fences

And pet sharks

And laughed at the penguins

But most of all, had a FUN time!

Thanks for such a fun gift, Mamaw Dee & Papa Joe! We can't wait to go back!

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