Friday, May 20, 2011

Something fun

What does Selena Gomez.....

Steven Tyler....

and Laney Reinhart have in common?

Laney loves showing off her new feathers! For those of you who have girls, this is something fun & inexpensive (reusable too!) for your little diva! Laney is sportin' a hot pink & black "Featherlock".

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Schooool's Out.For.Summer!

Laney officially finished her first year of preschool! She went to Zion Lutheran every Friday morning. Her teacher was Mrs. Southerland. Laney made some good friends, had fun, and learned a lot about colors, shapes, & Jesus!
We had her last day today and they had a craft & activity day with parents. She had so much fun at her "Rodeo Days" themed party!
One of her favorite friends that she talked about a lot, Mr Bryce!
The school even brought a pony for the kids to pet!
Laney and London have been buddies since they were born (their Mommy's work together!) so it was nice having London in Laney's preschool class!

Now that it's summer, it's time for the weather to stay warm here in Indiana! The pool is open, we just need the sun to start shining!

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a great Mother's Day! I got to spend the entire day with the kiddos and Benji! We had my mom, Pat, Tom, & Pam over for dinner. We enjoyed the fresh air & sunshine (finally, NO RAIN!), playing with the kids, and a great meal! We are both so lucky to have such great mom's! Not only that, but I'm lucky to have these two cuties in my life....

How can you NOT just love them to pieces?!?!?

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Max's First Haircut

Well, I did....finally....I cut Max's hair! As a hairstylist, it makes me laugh when parent's (not just mom's!) won't do the first haircut. ATTENTION PARENTS: It grows so much nicer when you cut it! What is really annoying is when those kids that are being forced to have the long stringy (but cute) baby hair and they are boys! So needless to say, I couldn't be one of those Mom's!

Before the cut...lookin' adorable and happy, as usual!

During the cut...kinda curious what Momma was doin' back there!

As you can tell, I had to bust out the suckers. Thank God for DumDums!

Trimming up the neckline

Such a BIG BOY!

Max did great! He didn't cry once. He sat all by himself up there. He held still (I have some adults that have problems with that!). My baby boy looks so grown up! I love his new "do" so much! No regrets!!

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