Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kindergarten Round Up/Registration

Seriously?  How is this little thing old enough for Kindergarten next year?  Whether we like it or not, she's going....

and she's ready!  She talks about going, she tells us what she's going to do when she goes, and she loves driving by her Kindergarten school (Emerson Elementary).

We recently had Kindergarten round up at Emerson.  What we do there, is get her all registered and the teachers do some minor testing on the kids to determine what they know and if they're ready for Kindergarten.  

Laney and I had the talk before we went...."Laney, you have to answer them when they ask you questions."  I thought she understood.....

So we get there and Laney starts playing with a couple of the kids that are there waiting (we are in the school gym for this).  I'm filling out the 25 pieces of paperwork that is all the same thing on each paper....the teacher, Mrs Anders, brings Laney over to her table to "test" her.

As some of you might know, Laney LOVES Scooby Doo (keep that in mind during this story)...
I hear the teacher say, "Shaggy?"  Shaking my head and wondering what Laney is telling her, I just smile.  I let the teacher do her thing (but of course I scooted closer to see what was being said).  Laney counted, told her the numbers, letters, colors, shapes.  Basic things that she knew.  I was then called over to talk to the teacher and looked down at the paper and Laney had "Shaggy" written down on the paper.  I asked her why Shaggy was written down.  Her response, "Cause that's my name!"  Really, Laney!?!?!  

I explained that she is a Scooby fan and we do not call her Shaggy at home.  The teacher confirmed before we left that she was to go by Laney at school....
"Yes, her name is Laney.  Not Shaggy."

This might be a long school year.....
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Max!

We now have a THREE year old on our hands!  How can that be??  

We had such a funfilled day celebrating Mr Max!  We kicked off the morning with yummy donuts...

did a little shopping, 

had some lunch, 

then headed to burn some energy at Monkey Joe's!

Both kids (and Mommy & Daddy) had a great day!  We ended the evening opening presents...

and the birthday dinner at El Nopal!

Max was extremely excited this morning to be three years old!  He told us numerous times throughout the day that it was his birthday and he was three!  
Stay tuned for birthday party pictures this weekend!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Max Charles!!

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Easter (a week late!)

Yeah, I know, Easter was last week....that's OK.  We should always be celebrating Easter!  The kids had a fun weekend filled with coloring eggs, egg hunts, family, and candy!  

Coloring Easter eggs is something I've always enjoyed doing with the kids.  I tried a new egg coloring technique this year (thanks to Pinterest) and I wasn't a fan.  (Used Koolaid to color eggs).  Problem #1 was the colors weren't as bright as the picture online.  Problem #2 was the eggs were not water proof. So it stained your hands and clothes if they got wet.  It was still fun!

The kids did several Easter egg hunts (church, Grammy's house, home, and school) and they have plenty of candy to prove they went!  Mommy wants the candy gone....STAT!

Happy Easter from the Reinhart Family!
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