Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Special Year

For us, it's almost 9 years.  For them, it's 60.  Marriage is definitely a roller coaster for everyone.  Everyone has their good times, their bad times, their fun times, and their not so fun times.  But one thing is for sure, love must come before all of the "times"

Seeing my grandparents together this weekend at their anniversary party made me smile.

It made me look forward to what is to come.  I sat back and looked around at all of their friends and family that were there to celebrate.  I realized Benji and I have so much to look forward to.  We have a long ways to go to get to 60 years.  Seeing our children grow, marry, and eventually, have children of their own is something I look forward to.  No, I am not wanting to speed up the time.  It's going fast enough (too fast, sometimes!), but I do look forward to what is ahead.

Happy 60th Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa!
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Sunday, August 5, 2012


What is Kids Day, you may ask?  It may not be a national holiday, but it's a Reinhart holiday.  One we started this year.  The reasoning behind celebrating is due to Miss Laney.  Back in June, when we were getting cards for Father's Day, I explained to the kids that the cards were for Daddy to celebrate him on Father's Day.  Laney asked, "Well when's kids day?"  I said, "Laney, I don't know what you mean." (knowing perfectly well where she was going with this).  Her response, "Mommy, you have Mother's Day.  Daddy has Father's Day.  When's Kid's Day?"  I said, "Your birthday!"  She said, "You and Daddy both have birthday's too!" (smart kid....).  Good point, Laney.

Benji was telling the story to a co-worker and she suggested doing a Kid's Day.  We chose the first Saturday of August as "Kid's Day".  What do we do on Kid's Day?

Something fun for the kids!  So we made it a 2 day event this year!

Cincinnati Reds game on Friday!

Newport Aquarium on Saturday!

The kids each took money to the aquarium to buy something special.  Mommy and Daddy bought them a Reds hat (for Laney) and a Reds shirt (for Max).

We celebrated the kids!!

They're already talking about the next Kids Day!

Although everyday seems like Kids Day...because it IS always all about the kiddos!
Happy Kid's Day!

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