Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It's hard to believe another holiday season has come and gone. We've shopped, decorated, baked, cooked, ate, drank, and unwrapped. This post will have several photos of our Christmas gatherings throughout the holidays, so be prepared!!

We started out the week of Christmas with Laney's Christmas program at church. She was an angel and did a great job (even though she just stood there looking around and didn't sing). We were still proud of her for going up there in front of everyone! I'm so glad that we started the season with the TRUE meaning of Christmas!
The next fun thing was Laney's Christmas party at school! They sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, had cake and ice cream, and ended with a fun gift exchange. I was impressed that there weren't any kids upset with the gift that they received!

Our next fun event was Christmas with the Bruce family. Laney and Charlo have always had a good time together, but it was fun this year to see Max and Betsy get in the mix of playing! Thanks Bruce's for a fun evening! :)
Opening gifts with the kids is always fun, but getting a Toy Story cup is even better!!
We had the "Reinhart Christmas" at our house again this year. I think Papaw enjoyed the company too!
The yummy food shared with family is always fun
The "Plumer Christmas" was on Christmas Eve and Aunt Bea's house again. Laney and Max were spoiled, as usual. Pa and Max had some bonding time, which was nice! I think Pa likes the fact that Max enjoys John Deere just as much as him!
And even though Laney isn't quiet his "farm girl" she sure holds a special place is Pa's heart!
Max was really eyeing some of the big boy toys that Sam got this year! Santa must have known Max would like it since he received a smaller version of something similar the next morning!
It's our tradition to sprinkle reindeer food in the yard Christmas Eve before church. We have to make sure the reindeer get fed while they're here. Leaving food out for them, helps them find their way to our house!
After a great Christmas Eve service, Max was tuckered out on Tiff's shoulder...too cute of a pic not to snap!
Finally, Christmas morning!! Laney was so good waiting for Max (sleepyhead) to wake up. She had to wait about an hour before she could open gifts. The first thing out of her mouth that morning was "It's Christmas! But it didn't snow!" Yeah, not a white Christmas for us, but it was still a great day!
Cassius enjoyed the ZuZu pets just as much as the kiddos
Super Laney loved (and I mean LOVED) her orange cape! The only time she doesn't have it on is when she's sleeping. And that's just because I told her it could choke her, or otherwise she would sleep in it.
Max says, "Whoa, slow down Super Laney!"
Santa brought Laney some fun gifts this year....a new dollhouse
(or as Pappy kept calling him, Target!)
Max was excited he finally got his own chair from Santa
but him sitting in it didn't last long
of course she wants the NEW chair!
Max also got a cool CAT truck/tractor/machine (whatever the heck it is!) and loves pushing the buttons to make it go back and forth
We were so excited that Grammy & Pappy came to join us again this year!
And onto another Christmas....
Santa brought the kids a plasma car at Grammy & Pappy's house!
We checked it out first
tested it out
and all enjoyed it!
With all of the gifts we received,
we need to remember the true meaning of CHRISTmas!
It's not the presents
it's not the food
it's a celebration for Jesus' day of birth! And spending time with family is the way to do it! We've been talking with Laney and Max about this, the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it. Laney, of course, understands it's Jesus' birthday. Her question to me was, "If Jesus is his first name, what is his middle?" My response, "I don't know, Laney!" Her answer, "Christ" that's precious!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas at the Zoo

Another trip to the Indianapolis Zoo! One thing that I absolutely love about Christmas time is how many different attractions have Christmas-y events going on! We've done the Polor Express and now Christmas at the Zoo is done. Next up, Kalightascope in Lousiville!

Both kids enjoyed seeing the reindeer at the zoo! We had Lauren and Luke join us for the evening. Having them there helped Mommy & Daddy out, and I think they enjoyed spending time with the kids.
The wagon was loaded up with hats, jackets, drinks, diapers, and snacks...what else could we ask for!?!
The penguins are always a favorite with Max! He sleeps with a stuffed penguin that Pappy bought him when we was at the zoo this summer
Both kids love being around Luke. He's going to make one great pediatrician one day (and daddy too, but that'll be awhile!) :)
We went into Santa's Village and decorated sugar cookies and drank hot chocolate
Of course, I think there were more sprinkles on the cookie than the cookie itself! Oh well, can we say sugar high!?!?! She was pretty proud of her decorating skills!
We gobbled up the cookie and drank the hot chocolate so we could get out and see more animals
There weren't many animals out during our trip, due to the cold weather. The tiger was actually awake during this trip. Usually the tiger is always sleeping. Laney loved when it would come up right by her face! Daredevil! Max kinda stayed back away from it!
We had a great time and are already planning our trip next year!

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