Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another First

Mr Max started Preschool!!   
He was SO excited
(although it doesn't appear that way in this picture)

But this picture shows the excitement that was in our house this week!!  Max goes to Noah's Ark Preschool, which is where Laney also went to Preschool for two years.  AND....Mommy and Daddy both attended this preschool, too!

He was excited to finally do what he has seen Laney do for the past 3 years.....

go to school!

Laney gave him the run down on what to expect at Noah's Ark.  "Max, first you go in and hang your backpack up in your cubbie and your jacket but you won't wear a jacket at first because it's too warm outside.  Then you will play for a little bit.  Then you will sit down on the carpet and listen to Mrs. Joray.  Then Mrs. Joray will teach and you will learn.  Then you will play.  Then you will go to the potty for boys and wash your hands...." 
(and she kept going, but I can't remember everything she said!)

Laney was just as excited for Max as Max was for himself.  She told me before she got dropped off that she had a nervous feeling in her tummy.  When I asked why she was nervous she said she wasn't sure, but thinks she was kinda nervous for Max on his first day.  So sweet.

Max did great on his first day!  Gave me a big kiss before I left and a high five and continued painting!  I'm going to miss this guy on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, but I will admit having a few hours of "me" time will be nice! 
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