Friday, August 30, 2013

Memories Never Die

As many of you know, Cassius was diagnosed with a heart condition last summer (2012).  We have had to adjust a little bit of our morning and evening routine (mainly Benji) to giving Cassius a total of 9 pills daily, and recently, wet dog food.  He was actually starting to act a little more like himself, but an older version. ;)  With Cassius' condition, he would have a hard time breathing and would sometimes pass out for a few moments when he got excited (new visitors usually did it to him).  He wasn't able to enjoy his daily walks anymore due to lack of breath.  We started noticing a few months ago his muscle was deteriorating.  We both just prayed we wouldn't have to come to the point to have to make "that" decision.  We feel like we JUST did this with Brewski (exactly 18 months ago).  

When we first got Cassius, he was our baby.  He was our everything.  I'm serious when I say that.  I still remember telling my dad that we were getting a boxer dog.  His response was, "Errrrinnnnn, they're a lot of work!"  Boy was he right!  Cassius was your typical puppy.  Hyper, wild, and then would curl up and crash.  BUT.....Cassius turned about one and never would really "crash" when he started getting wild.  There were times that Benji would have to chase him around the house and lay on top of him to get him to calm down and go to sleep for the evening.  

Unfortunately, it saddens me to write this post.  A post I was hoping was a couple of years away.  Our boxer, Cassius, was tired.  He was tired of fighting each breath.  He was tired of not having the energy that he was used to having.  He was tired of being tired.  It was his time to let go.  Yesterday evening, August 29, 2013, I was cooking dinner and the kids were playing like normal in the living room.  I heard them yell to me (and our house is an open floor plan so I was pretty much in the same room) that Cassius pooped.  Shocked, I walked into the living room and was not prepared to see what I saw.  Our "lap dog" had given up.  

We will always remember the good, the bad, and the wild days with Cassius.  He will forever be a part of our family.  Some of our favorite memories with him are when we first picked him up from the breeder, I was holding him and he was so nervous, he peed all over me.  We tell the kids that story all the time and they just giggle.  Once we arrived home with Cassius, he was terrified of his food bowl.  It was one of those silver stainless steel bowls and he could see his reflection in it.  Again, we just laugh thinking about that.  I'll always remember the time Benji went out of town for work when we still lived in Avon, and Cassius was SO upset he had diarrhea all over the entire bedroom (white carpet), not once, but all.night.lonnnnnngggg.  Then there was the time he jumped up on the kitchen counter and ate two whole chicken breasts.  Raw chicken breasts.  A phone call to the emergency clinic was made.  The time when he thought it was a great idea to chew up my glasses that were on the night stand.  I still wonder to this day why he thought that would be a good idea.  Being close to kidney failure and almost having exploratory surgery before he was one years old and then being put on prescription dog food was not one of our favorite times with him, but one we will remember.  Then the move to Seymour and living out on the farm.  That dog LOVED farm life!  He enjoyed it much more than Momma did!  Running around the fields, chasing cats, playing with Brewski, and getting dirty.  We then brought 2 beautiful babies into our family and he really adjusted well.  Of course, we were concerned with how gentle he would be and if he would be jealous, but things all worked out well.  After Brewski passed away in February 2012, we knew Cassius was a little down in the dumps.  We decided it was time to get another doggie!  Sadie was brought home and Cassius definitely livened up a bit!!  Cassius' last day here, I had just gotten out of the shower and got dressed and just lied down next to him in our bed.  Just petting him and spending some time snuggling up to him.  I really wish I would have taken more time out of my day to do that with him.  Once "life" happened in the morning, I just didn't take the time I should have, and I regret that.  But I am thankful for that last morning I had with him.  

We already miss him so much.  There is more room in our bed.  There are less accidents to clean up.  There is less slobber to wipe off the floors by his bowl.  We would take all of that back times ten to have him back home with us.  He's playing with Brewski and being as wild as he knows how, and I love that!  We love you Cassius!

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Monday, August 19, 2013

A Better Sight...

Our little man, Max, has a different view on things now.  Literally!  Max's eyes were tested back in February.  Benji and I noticed he was getting close to objects (iPad, iPod, papers, books) to see. After talking to our eye doctor, Dr Smith, he felt it was necessary to bring him in for an exam.  Of course, at 2 1/2 years old, it wasn't the easiest exam for him.  Tests showed Max needed glasses, but Dr Smith said he felt we could wait six months and re-run the tests.  August came, and we did it all over again (no "drop drops"-aka eye drops this time) and the results came back the exact same numbers.  

Then we got the joy of picking out a cute pair of eyes for Max.  His only request was something blue!  These specks are a pewter frame with green and blue on the sides.

Max LOVES his new glasses.  He asks for them first thing when he wakes up in the morning and at nap time.  He says he sees much better with glasses now!  

Thank goodness for parent intuition.  If we would've just listened to what others told us (just wait until he's in Kindergarten), the poor thing would have struggled seeing until then!  

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Laney's First Day of Kindergarten

This post is one that I really haven't looked forward to writing for....oh, let's say 5 1/2 years!  It's a bittersweet time....the time for my little girl, my first born, to start Kindergarten!  Laney has been talking about going to Kindergarten since she turned 5.  Asking, "How many more days until I get to go to Kindergarten" or "Now that I'm five, do I get to go to Kindergarten?"  It's not that I want Laney to stay a baby or stay young, because I know how much fun Kindergarten will be for her.  
It's that this is it.....

This was the last summer break that she didn't really understand how exciting summer break is because she's always just gone to school 2-3 days a week and just for 2 1/2 hours.   

A day will come when Laney comes up to me or Benji and says that someone at school was mean to her, and we won't be there to tell the other little boy/girl "That's not nice" or Laney is with other friends and they aren't being nice to someone.  Will Laney make the right decision and NOT follow her friends?

That day will come when Laney feels left out because she wasn't asked to the party or wasn't picked for the team first.

Laney is now a Kindergartner at Emerson Elementary (same school Mommy went!).  Her teacher is Mrs. Brown.  She goes ALL day (8:25-3:25).  Like a friend of mine, who is going through the same emotions I am, said, "It's that time to put Laney in God's hands for the day.  He will make sure she does the right things and gets to the places she needs to go and will give her comfort when we can't."  I loved that she said that.  It makes it all feel so much better.  As hard as it is to let go of your child in these early years, I have to trust that she's learned from us and the other role models in her life and that God will lead her down the correct path.  

So you may ask...."Does she like it" or "How did she handle it" or "How did you do sending her"....there were tears, there were nerves, there were upset tummies (and still are all of the above), but I just know Laney will adjust to this big change in her life of becoming a preschooler to a kindergartner.  She will look back one day and realize the importance of going to school and will soon look forward to going....hopefully!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kids Day 2013

Last weekend was our annual Kids Day celebration!  We celebrate Kids Day each year on the first Saturday or Sunday in August.  The kids chose to go see Smurfs 2 3D for their day out!  

I was Max's first 3D movie and he LOVED it!  All four of us enjoyed the movie and spending the day together having fun!  

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Holiday World 2013

Once again, we did our annual Holiday World trip to Santa Claus, IN!  The kids look forward to this trip so much, as do the adults!!  We all gathered together (Grammy, Pappy, Mommy, Daddy, & Bruce's) to discuss the menu and who was bringing what!  We had some delicious food and well deserved beverages!  

There was time to swim, play, eat, and just spend quality time together as family and friends!

The kids (and Grammy!) always look forward to decorating our golf carts!  This year, we jazzed it up a bit and added some lights! 


Our campers were quite a bit closer than they have been in the past, which was great.  This might have been our favorite spot that we've had since we started our tradition!  

The weather wasn't as great as it's been past years, but we made the most of it!  The kids still enjoyed doing sparklers, making a banana chocolate dessert campfire style, and running around splashing in puddles.  For those of you who know Max can ONLY imagine what he looked like after playing in the puddles and eating chocolate.  Disaster (but who cares!?!).

Due do storms coming in, we almost bailed out on the Holiday World idea.  Luckily, the hubby's weren't backing down and talked us into going.  We ended up having decent weather, just a few sprinkles.  It wasn't as warm as we would've liked it to be, but we couldn't complain!  The look on the kids' faces when we said we might not go was pathetic, so we took the plunge and went!  

and we are so glad we did!  
(Aren't hubby's so smart!?!)

Riding rides, splashing around, eating ice cream....but most of all, being with family!

Laney's favorite ride this year was the Drop Tower (not sure of the exact name).  This ride was "kiddie sized" which was PERFECT for her.  She called it the "Mini Tower of Terror" 
(reference Disney World experience)

Max absolutely LOVED the roller coaster!  He is still talking about the Doggie roller coaster at Holiday World!  


All in all, it was a fantastic trip, as usual!  We are all 'jumping' at the chance to go again next year! 

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