Sunday, February 28, 2010

Laney Dancing to Michael Jackson! :)

Like most of you know, Benji is a pretty big Michael Jackson fan. He has a 5 disc DVD set that has Michael performing in different concerts. While watching it one day, Laney started to show interest in the dancing. Her favorite videos are "Thriller" and "Billie Jean". Most 2 year olds can't wait to watch cartoons in the morning first thing....not Laney. The first thing she asks for when she wakes up is to watch the monster dance (aka Thriller video).

This video brings a smile to my face every time I watch it. It just shows how much our children learn from us and look up to us.

I hope everyone enjoys this as much as we do!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dr Appointments

Laney had her 2 year wellness appointment with Dr Kleber. All looked's been 1 year exactly since she's had her tubes in and they are still in with no problems, which is great news! I guess the surgery was well worth it!

Laney's Stats:
Weight: 22.6 lbs (5th percentile)
Height: 32 7/8 inches (10th percentile)
I had a Dr appointment as well, and Mr Max is doing great! The appt was pretty much "same ol' same ol" stuff....The Dr did say he has officially turned and is now head down!

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The end of the birthday......

I think this pretty much explains how much fun Laney had at her 2nd birthday party! She is such a lucky girl to be surrounded by so many people that love her! Thank you to everyone that helped make her birthday special! We love you all!

After the party, we decided not to cook and to head somewhere fast to eat, just incase Laney got tired! Well, she fell asleep on our way to the restaurant, which is only 5 minutes away and stayed asleep until we were walking out the door! Poor girl was exhausted! She was a party girl this weekend!

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Party Time!

I really wish I could figure out how to post all of these pictures in one post....if anyone has tips, let me know! I'm still getting used to doing this! Sorry for so many post! I think there will only be one more! :)
The cake table

The candy buffet

Daddy, Laney, and Mommy

Charlo and one of her BEST FRIENDS!

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The Cake!

Laney's cake tasted even better than it looked....I wanted to do a fun cake for a candyland theme, but wasn't sure what to do. This is what we came up with! I really wish I could take credit in making this cake, but I can't! I did add the candy on it, though...does that count any?

She loved everyone singing "Happy birthday" to her!

Attempting to blow out the candles


I think this picture shows how much she enjoyed her cake!

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Opening Presents!

Laney received so many nice gifts from her family and friends! Thank you everyone for really shouldn't have! Laney is enjoying all of her new toys/dvds/clothes!

Her favorite gift that anyone could ever give her....CHAPSTICK!

Laney and her friends opening the presents!

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HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY LANEY!! We cannot believe our Laney bug is already two years time flies! We have had a weekend celebration for her birthday. These pictures are from her actual birthday. I'll post more pictures from her party later...I've gotta sort through all of them (and get them from my "photographer!")...thanks Tiff!

Laney started February 19, 2010 with a birthday waffle! I made belgian waffles and put 2 candles in for her to blow out! She loved us singing "Happy birthday" to her! I'm sure she was thinking, "Finally, it's MY birthday....I've gone to so many other parties recently, I wondered if I had one!"

We went to one of Laney's favorite restaurants (Chili's) for her birthday dinner. Nana Laura and Pa went with us. She loved her ice cream sundae!

She got several gifts from us...a few clothes, a new book, and her Laney chair. We are also buying her a swingset for the backyard, but are waiting until the spring to get that.

Stay tuned for more to come.....

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting excited!

We are so excited to celebrate Laney's 2nd birthday this weekend! Hopefully the weather won't get too bad where our friends and family can't make it here! Of course, this invite is just a preview of what's to come at her party!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Valentine Smile
On Valentine's Day
we think of those
Who make our lives worthwhile,
Those gracious, friendly people who
We think of with a smile.
I am fortunate to know you,
That's why I want to say,
To a rare and special person:
Happy Valentine's Day!
By Joanna Fuchs

I really wish I had a good picture of everyone, but this was just too sweet to not post!

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Saturday, February 6, 2010


As we are approaching Laney's second birthday, we have been thinking back on how much a child changes in just 2 short years. We just can't believe our little girl is growing up so much!

This was when Laney was 2 months old. She LOVED to be swaddled! Some thought we were crazy putting her in that "burrito" but when you're the ones who have to listen to her cry in the middle of the night and the burrito works, you do it!

Miss Laney is now in her big girl bed! We are so proud of her for sleeping there at night and at nap time. The first week of sleeping in there went pretty well. Of course, there were a few melt downs where she cried out, "BABY BED" but just putting her back in there one time made her realize how great a big girl bed was! She takes off running to her new bedroom (pictures to come soon!) and saying "big girl bed, big girl bed, big girl bed" and gets in the bed. She loves it!

Now our next change with Laney will be introducing her to her new baby brother! I'm starting to work on the nursery this weekend, so once I have it complete, I will post pictures of Laney's new room and Max's room!
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Monday, February 1, 2010

This weekend was an exciting time for Laney! She got to party with her friend (and cousin), Charlo for his 2nd birthday! She's getting pretty good at this whole birthday thing. Her birthday is right around the corner, so hopefully, she knows what to expect! She loved being at Charlo's Memaw and Peeps house and playing with the balloons and coloring. For those of you who don't know, Charlo is Laney's 2nd cousin. They do lots of fun things together....storytime is probably their favorite, but they do like when their parents get together so they can play. Laney can't wait until they are our neighbors and live just down the street. Laney's name for Charlie is "Charlo" seems to stick with him. He likes his nickname! HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY CHARLO! WE LOVE YOU!

Laney and Charlo coloring with each other

Who knew balloons could be SO much fun??

Time for some grub...
Laney also got to visit with her friend, Collin, this weekend. She doesn't get to see him much because he lives in Avon, but they both really seemed to enjoy the time together. This was really the first time these two got to play together. They had a blast! It seemed like they've known each other forever!
Collin showing Laney his cool blocks! Laney really wants some of these....maybe for her birthday!

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