Wednesday, July 2, 2014

St. George Island, Florida

We just returned from a week in paradise!  St. George Island, Florida was amazing!  It was relaxing and beautiful.  We enjoyed spending time together....all 32 of us!  We went down with several other Reinhart family members.  It's an every other year vacation that the family does, and it always ends up being a fantastic time!  

We had a few days of clouds and some mornings with rain, but it cleared up mid afternoon on those days.  

We visited a couple beach shops that were within walking distance, got ice cream one afternoon, and even were able to walk to our restaurants.  We loved how small it was and how friendly everyone was that we met.  

We saw several creatures while we were there.  Dolphins were spotted daily, a couple sea turtles, a stingray, lots of crabs, a black racer snake, starfish, and......

A SHARK!  Yes, that is a shark!  This shark was about 10-15 ft off shore swimming up and down the shoreline.  A fisherman was trying to catch him, but didn't have any luck.  He was guessing he was about 6-7 feet and possibly a bull shark.  We saw him twice (or it was 2 different sharks).  At one time, Benji and the kids were in the water.  I had to yell to him to rush the kids out of the water.  Needless to say, I was a little nervous!!

Spending time with family and relaxing...that's what it was all about!

A couple of the cousins rented paddle boards one day.  We all took turns giving it a shot...I really enjoyed it! 

Good Bye St. George Island....see you next year!
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